What's Included

The program seeks involvement early in the planning or design phases of a project in order to have a greater effect on energy savings and the integration of sustainable design principles. Scroll over each of the services to learn more about whether they could be applicable to your project. Note that services are not limited to those in this list, if you need other specific assistance bringing your project to net-zero energy. 

  • Design Charrettes and Team Integration
  • Solar Orientation and Bioclimatic Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling and Daylighting Analysis
  • On-site Renewable Energy Feasibility Analysis
  • Energy Benchmarking and Modeling
  • Cost Assessments for certain design features or strategies
  • Design Charrette and Team Integration
  • Project-Specific Green Building Support
  • Infrastructure Planning and Support
  • Specific Plan and Environmental Impact Analysis Support
  • Energy Benchmarking and Modeling
  • Innovative Distributed  Energy System Design Assistance
  • Energy Resource Planning
  • Commissioning Plans and Specifications
  • Education and Training
  • LEED® Specifications and Documentation Support
  • Marketing and Promotional Strategies
  • Coordination with other incentive programs